What Is The Difference Between A Drone And Quadcopter?

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Fundamentally, the difference between a “drone” and “quadcopter” is while a “drone” is the general broad term used for all unmanned aerial vehicles, a “quadcopter” is a more specific term that identifies with a particular set of drones that is controlled via four rotors that utilizes the engines that make lift for vertical takeoff through their propellers.

Furthermore, while the terms are often used interchangeably unlike drones that can be used for surveillance activities, quadcopters can are designed mainly for the recreational purpose only. If you want to have fun taking images around the neighbourhood that consider buying a quadcopter however, if you would like to surveillance activity within your community than you need to consider investing in flying drones for sale. So, to put it bluntly all quadcopters are a type of flying drone but not all drones are quadcopters.



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