My First Drone

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My first drone was a Shaper Image DX-3 Video Drone I had received from my girlfriend for Christmas one year. Surprisingly it would be a year or two before I got around to unboxing it. I’ve always been into the latest tech and with drone technology becoming more accessible and affordable I knew as the spring weather here in my hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick Canada approached that this would be the perfect post to share with my fellow drone enthusiasts and visitors to our website.

My first drone

Sorry about the low image quality… it was captured with a cheap camera phone 🙁

If you don’t already own a drone, feel free to let me know what your first drone or quadcopter was?

If you or someone you know owns a drone than with few exceptions, they are more tool than toy and as such need to be treated with respect and pilots should exercise caution when flying. Crashing a drone is much easier than flying one. As your flying robot takes to the sky on its maiden voyage remember to follow the rules for flying a uav and be safe and to all those around you.

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