In Stock! DJI Mavic Pro (3pcs Batteries Included) Mavic Pro Combo Kit and Standard Package 4K Camera DroneIn Stock! DJI Mavic Pro (3pcs Batteries Included) Mavic Pro Combo Kit and Standard Package 4K Camera DroneIn Stock! DJI Mavic Pro (3pcs Batteries Included) Mavic Pro Combo Kit and Standard Package 4K Camera DroneIn Stock! DJI Mavic Pro (3pcs Batteries Included) Mavic Pro Combo Kit and Standard Package 4K Camera DroneIn Stock! DJI Mavic Pro (3pcs Batteries Included) Mavic Pro Combo Kit and Standard Package 4K Camera DroneIn Stock! DJI Mavic Pro (3pcs Batteries Included) Mavic Pro Combo Kit and Standard Package 4K Camera Drone

In Stock! DJI Mavic Pro (3pcs Batteries Included) Mavic Pro Combo Kit and Standard Package 4K Camera Drone

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Product Description

DJI Mavic Pro Tutorial

(please copy this link,and open it on the new page)

The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to bring with you everywhere.

New OcuSync transmission system offers up to 4.3 miles (7km) of transmission range.

Fly at up to 40mph (64kmh) or for as long as 27-minutes.

True 4K, fully stabilized ensures smooth footage

ActiveTrack, TapFly and other smart features make professional looking video effortless.

Obstacle Avoidance combined with sensor redundancy increases flight safety and reliability.

Vision positioning paired with GPS and GLONASS ensures precise positioning indoor and outdoors.

Fly by Phone over Wi-Fi for even easier flight.

Dear Valuable Buyer,

To Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Ukaine, we will send the drone by Singapore EMS which is the only courier to Russia, Brazil, Ukaine allows parcel including a drone with inside battery. It will take 2~3 weeks to arrive.

To other countries, we usually send drones by DHL . It will take 5~7 weeks to arrive.

Sometimes Customs will open the package to check product or the battery. So when you receive it,please don’t worry,it is 100% original and brand new.

Kindly make sure below before you order:

1. Some countries don’t allow the drone importing (Pakistan, India,Saudi Arabia etc.)

2. Buyer should have the ability and responsibility to clear the customs and import the drone

3. The awareness of paying the importing tax, or if any warehouse fee caused by custom declaration delay (Spain, France, Portugal etc.)

4. Please kindly consult with local custom about the tax rate before you pay. If low value declaration is requested by buyer, please make sure you will able to import the drone with such value

5. If the package refuse to pay local customs tax and the package returns, sellers has the responsibility to pay all the shipping cost and tax of returning package when the package arrives in China.


There are at present two different options available for the DJI Mavic Pro. The first is the base model, and the second is the ‘Fly More’ combo bundle. In my case I bought the Fly More bundle, the main attraction of which is the extra batteries. But I’ll cover the additional differences as well.

First up, the box. Or in my case, three boxes. See, the two side boxes are the Fly More bundle. The big brown one is the man-purse, while the lower right one is the remaining Fly More bundle parts. Meanwhile, the one with the drone on it is the actual base Mavic.

And here’s those components of standard model sitting on a table:

Next, here’s all the parts from the entire Fly Combo kit on the table.


So how does it stand-up when it comes to size and weight?

The Mavic controller comes in at 312g (0.69lbs), the drone itself (with props) at 744g (1.62lbs), and the total weight of Mavic at 1,055g (2.32lbs).

Next to compare sizes, here’s the folded up sizes of the Mavic and a 5.5 inch smartphone.


Ok, with all of the unboxing and sizing up out of the way, it’s time to cover the basics of flight as well as using it. Of course, the biggest appeal of the unit is the compact size prior to flight. Its ability to unfold is without question the number one selling point. Thus, you’ll need to start by unfolding the four arms. The two front ones open outwards towards the front, while the rear ones swing down and towards the back.

Next, you’ll place the unit on a flat non-metallic surface and prepare to turn it on. You do not need to unfold the props, it’ll do that for you. However, do validate that when the props spin up they won’t hit any objects like rocks or tall grass. Taking off on soft sand for example is tougher, and I’d encourage you to just buy drone landing pads or even a magazine if that’s the case. Like attached picture,there is so much dirty if you take off in a sandy ground.

Also, never try taking off from atop a car like below because the metal will mess with the compass. Sewer lids also fall into that same camp in many cases.

Mavic Standard:


Micro SD Card (16GB)*1

Remote Contoller *1

RC Cable(Lighting connector)*1

Propeller Pair *3

RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector)*1

Gimbal Clamp *1

RC Cable Slider *2

Charger *1


Power cable

Mavic Combo:

standard package

car charger

2 extra batteries

mavic battery to power back adptor

shoulder bag + battery charging hub

2 extra pairs 8330 propellers

Mavic pro Fly More combo packaging list

standard packing+ car charger+ 2 extra batteries+ mavic battery to power back adptor + shoulder bag + battery charging hub +

2 extra pairs 8330 propellers

In Stock! DJI Mavic Pro Drone With 4K HD Camera RC Live View GPS and GLONASS System, Drone with Camera Fly more comboUSD 1315.00-1639.00/pieceOriginal DJI Mavic Pro Battery Charging Hub Accessories can Charge up to 4 Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery Mavic PartsUSD 45.60/pieceOriginal DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Cover Accessories protect gimbal camera from collision DJI Mavic Gimbal cap Protection CoverUSD 12.37/piece100% Original DJI Mavic Pro propellers 8330 Quick-release Folding Propellers DJI Mavic Pro Accessories DJI Brand 1 pairUSD 11.02/pieceDJI Mavic Aircraft Sleeve for Mavic Pro Drone Extra Camera Drone Carrying Bag Accessories Part In StockUSD 8.62/pieceOriginal DJI Mavic Pro Propeller Guard In StockUSD 18.50/pieceDJI Mavic Pro drone battery Quadcopter 4K DH Drone 3830mAh Smart Flight Battery for Mavic Pro DJIUSD 118.80-236.40/pieceOriginal DJI Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag Carrying Bag for Mavic pro accessoriesUSD 97.46/piece

The phone on the left has a standard Micro USB Connector; the phone on the right has a Reverse Micro USB Connector.
The Remote Controller Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector) is compatible with: Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and more. The Remote Controller Cable (Reverse Micro USB Connector) is compatible with: HTC, Mi, OPPO and more. For Sony, VIVO, and other brands, phone compatibility differs by model. Please take care to choose the correct type for your phone.

What Remote Controller Cables are included with the Mavic upon purchase?

Two cables are included in the box: one with Lightning connector and one with a standard Micro-USB connector.

What is the default Wi-Fi SSID and password?

For security purposes, each Mavic has its own SSID and password that can be found on a sticker on one of the forearms of the aircraft and inside the battery compartment. For your first use, you can scan the QR code with the DJI GO app to connect to the aircraft*, or enter the password manually under your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.
(*Only available for Android devices).

Can I use other QR code apps to scan the QR code and connect to the aircraft via Wi-Fi?

No. You must use the DJI GO app to connect to your aircraft.

How can I set the Wi-Fi SSID and password?

Connect to your Mavic via Wi-Fi and then enter Camera View. Now enter Wi-Fi settings to manually set the SSID and password.

How do I reset the Wi-Fi password back to default?

Turn on the Mavic in Wi-Fi mode, press the linking button and hold for 5s.

What is the benefit of dual-band Wi-Fi?

The 2.4G Wi-Fi frequency was developed a long time ago, 5G Wi-Fi is newer. As 2.4G is older, more devices use this frequency, making it more likely to suffer from interference. 5G is less prone to interference as there are less 5G devices, but not all phones support the 5G frequency. You can switch between these two frequency bands in the Wi-Fi Settings menu in the DJI GO app.


Do I have to take the propellers off when in transit?

No. Just fold the propellers and you are good to go.

What happens if the propellers are not fully unfolded before flight?

Once the rotors start spinning, the centrifugal force will automatically push the propellers into the correct position, so you don’t need to worry about not having unfolded them perfectly.

The Mavic’s motors are not all on the same plane. Will this affect its flight performance?


What’s the highest level of wind the Mavic can resist?

The Mavic can withstand a level 5 wind, also called a fresh breeze. This is defined as wind speeds of 19–24mph (29–38kph).

How far can the Mavic fly on a single charge?

In calm weather and under ideal conditions, the Mavic can fly up to 8 miles (13km) at 31 mph (50 kph). Real-world performance will vary though, so we urge you to monitor your battery level at all times.

Why does the Mavic have a longer flight time than hover time?

Thanks to its rotor system optimized for forward flight and its aerodynamic design, when flying at the optimum speed for energy consumption, the Mavic consumes less energy then it does hovering. This is why it is able to give you a 27 minute flight time, while its hover time is 24 minutes.

Video Transmission

What is the main benefit of the OcuSync video transmission system?

OcuSync has a range of up to 4.3 miles (7 km) with improved resistance to interference and a higher transmission throughput. At shorter ranges it can stream footage to you at 1080p resolution and also allows photo and video downloads at 40Mb/s.

What is the resolution of the live view transmitted via OcuSync?

1080p/30fps for near-field transmission; 720p/60fps for far-field transmission.

What is OcuSync’s transmission latency?

160ms from the Mavic’s camera to your device screen under ideal conditions.


What is the difference between quick calibration and advanced calibration?

When the Vision System fails to function normally, you can do a quick calibration in the DJI GO app, or connect the aircraft to a computer to perform advanced calibration for higher precision.

What is the difference between the Mavic’s Intelligent Vision Positioning System and an Optical Flow Vision Positioning System?

The Mavic combines dual forward and downward vision sensors to realize precision hovering. Therefore, it requires no more than a patterned surface and enough available light to be able to hover stably up to 13m above the ground. Even if the Mavic is unable to identify reference points on the ground, it can still rely on its forward vision sensors to hover. In contrast, an Optical Flow system, requires information from ultrasonic sensors to supplement its view of patterned surfaces.

An example to show the difference between the two systems is when the aircraft is returning to you where you are standing on a balcony. When flying in over the balcony, drones using Optical Flow will receive data from two data sources that measure its height above the below surface differently – one being its height above the ground, and another the height above the balcony. As the data is not compatible, an Optical Flow system may become confused.

Another example is when the ground below the drone is covered by vegetation. Plants and trees do not reflect sound as well as other surfaces, causing the Optical Flow system’s ultrasonic sensors to be unable to gather altitude data.

In conclusion, the Mavic’s Intelligent Vision Positioning System requires fewer inputs and is therefore more robust in its functionality.

What is the minimum distance and maximum flight speed at which the Mavic can fly while avoiding obstacles?

The Mavic will automatically avoid obstacles 50ft (15m) in front of it. The maximum speed at which the Mavic is able to avoid obstacles is 22mph (30kph).

What are the conditions required for Precision Landing?

Precision Landing is an upgraded version of GPS RTH. It needs a GPS signal strong enough to initiate Precision Landing, so that the Mavic can be navigated back to the vicinity of the take-off point.
Then, the aircraft needs to be able to visually recognize the pattern of the ground it took off from, for example cracks or other identifiable patterns. A uniform patch of sand, however, is not suitable for Precision Landing. Finally, the Mavic needs to capture footage of the ground during take-off to record its appearance. This means that you should give the Mavic sufficient time during its ascent, instead of flying away immediately after take-off.


Can the Mavic’s charger charge both its Intelligent Flight Battery and its remote controller?

Yes, it can charge a battery and two other devices simultaneously via USB. However, it will take longer to fully charge the devices.

Does the Mavic’s battery support quick charging?

Yes. The Mavic’s Intelligent Flight Battery supports quick charging at nearly 2C, with a maximum charging power of 100W. The rated power of Mavic Battery Charger is 50W, and the rated power of the Mavic Car Charger is 78W. When using the Mavic Advanced Charging Hub with a 100W adapter, the battery can be charged at 100W.

What is a Battery Charging Hub? What is the difference between the two versions of the Mavic’s Charging Hub?

The two Charging Hubs can both charge up to 4 batteries at one time. In order to fully charge the first battery as quickly as possible, the Intelligent Flight Batteries are charged in sequence according to their power levels, from high to low. This gives you the fastest way of getting all your batteries fully charged.
There are two main differences between the two Charging Hubs. First, the standard Charging Hub only supports the Mavic’s 50W Battery Charger and Mavic Car Charger, while the advanced version also supports the 100W Battery Charger and Car Charger from the Phantom 4. Second, the advanced version will balance the voltage of each battery cell to improve charging efficiency. When one battery’s charging enters the second-half of its charging phase, the next battery will enter the first-half of its charging phase. With 4 batteries all at 15%, the advanced charger can get 4 batteries fully charged in 140 minutes using the Phantom 4’s 100W charger, while the standard version will need 270 minutes with the Mavic’s 50W charger.

What is the Mavic’s Battery to Power Bank Adapter?

This adapter can be connected to the Mavic’s Intelligent Flight Battery, turning it into a power bank. Thanks to its high capacity, an Intelligent Flight Battery at 25% charge can fully charge the Mavic’s controller, or an iPhone 6.

What is the maximum output current for the Mavic’s Battery to Power Bank Adapter?

The adapter has two USB ports which can be used simultaneously. The output voltage is 5V, and the max current is 2A + 2A.

Travel Notice

How many batteries can I carry in the Mavic’s Shoulder Bag?

Four. One mounted on the Mavic, one at the bottom of the bag, and on in each of the two side pockets.

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Item Specifics

Brand Name: 
Aerial Photography: 
 APP Controller,Wi-Fi Connection,Remote Control
DJI Model: 
 Mavic Pro
Camera Integration: 
 Camera Included
Action Time: 
 12 million
Camera Features: 
 1080p HD Video Recording,4K HD Video Recording
Remote Distance: 
Model Number: 
 DJI Mavic Pro
Sensor Size: 
 1/2.3 inches
 2.400 GHz-2.483 GHz
FPV Operration: 
Main Rotor Diameter: 
 Camera drone
Control Channels: 
 4 Channels
Optical Zoom Ratio: 
 10x and below
Product Name: 
 DJI Mavic Pro Combo Drone With 4K HD Camera RC
professional drones Model Number: 
 DJI Mavic Pro Combo
 Gimbal Stabilized 4K / 12MP Camera
 Camera Takes 12MP Still Photos
 Visual Tracking of Moving Subject
drones with camera hd Action Time: 
 Up to 25 Minutes


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